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About us

Our mission

Our mission is to empower construction professionals with accurate, efficient and reliable estimation and material takeoff services. We strive to support the growth and success of our clients by delivering precise project cost assessments, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their construction goals

Our vision

Our vision is to become the premier partner for construction estimation services and material takeoff services globally. Veracity Estimating aim to revolutionize the construction industry by providing innovative, technology-driven solutions that streamline the estimating process, enhance project profitability, and foster sustainability.

Our value

We are committed to delivering precise and reliable construction estimates. Our dedication to accuracy ensures that our clients can trust our assessments to make informed decisions.
Our clients are our top priority. We listen to their needs, collaborate closely, and tailor our services to ensure their success. Their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

How we became best among others?​

Veracity Estimating helps contractors, builders, architects and other professionals to figure out how much it will cost to build things like houses, offices, factories and roads. We have been doing this for more than 8+ years and we are really good at it.

Our estimating team works with people who want to construct things and we help them figure out how much cost will incur so that they don’t run into any surprises when they start building or construct.

We have many clients in the United States and Canada. We can help with all sorts of construction estimation of projects, from small ones like fixing up a building to big ones like building airports, highways and resturents.

If you are a small construction company or a busy contractor that does a specific job in construction, we can help you to win a project bid.

We have expert estimators who know a lot about different parts of construction, like digging the ground, putting up walls, or installing electricity. We use special tools to figure out how much these things will cost for your project.

Don’t worry about us being slow – we always finish our work on time. You can learn more about us on The Blue Book.

why choose us

Veracity Estimating: Construction Estimation & Takeoff Services - 24-48 hrs TAT


We think that being exact is very important for construction projects to succeed. Thats why we work really hard to make sure our construction cost estimates are as accurate and detailed as they can be.

Veracity Estimating: Construction Estimation & Takeoff Services - 24-48 hrs TAT


Experts estimators in Veracity Estimating believe in doing business with complete honesty and integrity. We promise to give our clients clear and simple cost estimates that they can trust without any doubts.

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Our team of expert estimators has many years of experience working. We can give our clients the most accurate construction cost estimates possible.







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