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Landscaping & irrigation Estimating Services

Top-notch landscaping material takeoffs and cost estimating services , assisting landscape contractors to win more job bids.

Landscaping & irrigation Estimating Services

Top-notch landscaping material takeoffs and cost estimating services , assisting landscape contractors to win more job bids.

Precise landscaping takeoff services

We specialize in delivering precise landscaping takeoff and landscaping estimating to landscaping contractors, general contractors, parks, recreation centers, public sector projects and all type of commercial projects.

We meticulously measure the designated area, offering a range of estimation services to cater to various landscaping needs.

Our services encompass landscaping estimating, hardscape estimating, and detailed assessments for sprinkler systems, including both their costs and installation expenses.

Additionally, our landscape estimators handle softscape estimating, irrigation estimating, and provide comprehensive figures for sprinkler-related services, such as sprinkler system takeoffs and drip irrigation takeoffs.

Detailed Landscaping Estimating Services

We utilize leading landscaping estimating tool for a wide range of landscaping projects. Here are several methods we employ to efficiently handle landscaping takeoff services:

1. Precisely Measure Square Footage, Volumes, and Linear Dimensions: We excel at measuring various dimensions, even in cases where “linear” aspects have curved elements.

2. Instantly Obtain Accurate Area Dimensions: Our approach allows us to swiftly obtain precise measurements for materials such as sod, gravel, mulch, and other products with just a single click.

3. Save Time and Boost Profits: Our quick and precise estimation techniques are designed to save your time and improve your bottom line.

4. Material Lists Tailored to Your Needs: By employing Plan Swift, we can generate comprehensive material lists that cover everything from the number of yards required for a city park to the exact footage of edging needed for residential areas.

portfolio of landscaping takeoff Services

Landscaping Estimates
Irrigation Estimating
Hardscape Estimating
Sprinkler Takeoffs
Softscape Estimating
Irrigation Estimates
Drip Irrigation Cost Estimates
Sprinkler System Estimates

Why choose Veracity Estimating for Landscaping Estimating Services

Accurate Landscaping Estimates

Our landscape estimators are committed to deliver accurate and affordable landscaping estimates. We meticulously consider all project specifications including zip code based materials, labor expenses and local regulations to ensure you have a detailed and realistic budget.

Expertise in Landscape Takeoffs

We procure precise pricing for materials and labor, factoring in local zipcode based market rates. Irrespective of your landscape project's location within the United States, we can provide landscaping estimate. Our nationwide coverage guarantees the support you require, no matter where your landscaping project takes you.

Time Savings for busy contractors

In the construction industry, time is a critical factor. Our streamlined landscape takeoff services help you save time and allocate resources efficiently. We collaborate closely with you to help with landscaping bid.

Cost Saving for Landscape Contractors

We offer finishes estimating services to assist contractors in saving both time and money on masonry project bids.  We offer competitive pricing plan to make sure our estimating services are economical and customized to meet clients unique requirements.

Landscape Sample Estimate with Color Coded Markup Plan

Easy To Understand Landscape Estimate

Our Landscaping Estimate deliverables. What do we quantify?

We provide a precise and detailed estimate with a clear scope of work. Our CSI Division 32 – Exterior Improvements including Landscaping estimate consists of:

  • Digital material takeoff lists in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Carefully count equipment and fixtures needed for landscape project.
  • Details about material quantity, including types, sizes and lengths in LF, SF and EA.
  • Percentage of material wastage.
  • Lists of fittings require.
  • Labor unit man-hours.
  • Zip code based material pricing.
  • Zip code based labor expenses including hourly wage rate and unit labor cost.
  • Summary report of bid which include material takeoff lists, total costs of each CSI division, taxes, profit margin, contingency and insurance cost.
  • Color-coded markup plan/drawings for clarity and better understanding for clients.

Benefits of hiring us as Landscaping and irrigation estimator

Accurate estimating is important in any landscaping and irrigation project. Our skilled takeoff estimators offer several benefits.

We streamline the estimating process, delivering significant time and cost savings for landscape contractors. Our detailed estimates include comprehensive material takeoffs, breakdowns of material and labor costs, and efficient waste management plans.

Choosing our landscape estimating services ensures precise project planning and cost control from inception to completion.

We recognize that precise and comprehensive landscaping and irrigation estimates are the cornerstone of any successful landscaping project.

Whether you represent a small landscaping company or a large construction company, our expert landscaping estimators are here to assist you.

We work with

General Contractors


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Veracity Estimating is a team of highly professional finishes estimators. Our estimating services are tailored to meet contractors specific requirements.



Send Us Your Plans

Send us job plan via email or upload the plan/drawing by filling out our website contact form.

Get a Quote

We will review the plan and provide you a quotation for the estimate fee.

Since each client is distinct, we review each situation on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors such as project scope, complexity, trades involved and other relevant considerations.

Receive your Estimate

Our estimators will perform a project assessment and prepare detailed quantity takeoff and cost estimate.

Once bid is ready, you will receive takeoff sheet in Excel format along with markup plan in the email.

Our Portfolio of Landscaping Estimating

Our expertise in Landscaping estimating and quantity takeoff services extends to residential, commercial and industrial projects, comprising manufacturing facilities and warehouses. 

Additionally, we provide accurate Landscaping and Irrigation estimates for civil work projects such as infrastructure development, roads, bridges and public works in all states including New York, California, Florida, Texas , Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Alaska, Michigan, Nevada and other states.



Landscape Estimating services for residential projects.


Landscape Estimating services for Commercial projects.


Landscape Estimating services for industrial projects.



Public Sector

Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

Retail Spaces


Schools & Universities

We understand that making informed decisions is crucial for our clients, that's why we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.


We offer estimating services for a wide range of landscaping projects, including residential landscaping, commercial landscaping, garden design, hardscaping, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting and more.

Our team of experienced estimators takes great care to ensure the accuracy of our landscaping estimates. We utilize industry-standard techniques and advanced software tools to provide you with detailed and precise cost estimates.

When preparing a landscaping estimate, we take into account various factors such as the size and complexity of the project, site conditions, materials needed, material costs, labor costs, equipment rental (if applicable) and any additional services required.

Our team of experienced estimators reviews project drawings and utilize industry-leading estimating software tools to ensure precise estimates. We also stay updated on market trends, material costs, and labor rates to provide the most accurate estimates possible.

Requesting an concrete takeoff estimate is easy. Simply contact us through our website contact form or via email, or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your project requirements and provide you with a detailed estimate.

The turnaround time it takes to receive your estimate depends on the complexity of the project and our current workload. We always try to provide estimates in a timely manner, usually in 2 to 4 business days.