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Our expert lumber estimators provides lumber takeoff, lumber shed estimates, lumber fence estimating and lumber millwork estimation services to contractors, home builders and lumber suppliers.


Our expert lumber estimators provides lumber takeoff, lumber shed estimates, lumber fence estimating and lumber millwork estimation services to contractors, home builders and lumber suppliers.

Our expert lumber estimator provides lumber takeoff, lumber shed estimates, lumber fence estimating and lumber millwork estimation services to contractors, homebuilders and lumber suppliers.

Veracity Estimating has been providing cost quantity takeoff services to general contractors, developers and other professionals including lumber takeoff, wood & plastic composites estimating, lumber shed estimating, fence lumber estimating and millwork estimating services for 8+ years.

Our plastic and lumber estimates cover a wide range of needs, from sealants and vapor barriers to insulation.

These lumber estimates creates by our skilled lumber estimators can be valuable for various purposes, such as procurement, material ordering, labor estimation, and bid proposals.

Easy To Understand Lumber Estimates

Accurate Lumber Takeoffs

If you work in the lumber business, whether as a contractor, framer or supplier, and you’re in need of dependable lumber estimates services.

Veracity Estimating brings together many years of experience in the construction cost estimation field. We specialize in providing accurate and thorough lumber estimates and lumber takeoff for all types of construction projects, such as homes, offices, factories, stores, and civil works. 

We save our clients both time and money by combining our experience with the latest lumber takeoff software to offer the best service possible. Our company offers a range of lumber estimating services, including measuring lumber and wood-plastic composites, lumber shed estimating, fence lumber estimation and millwork estimation servives.

What Do We Deliver In Our Lumber Takeoffs

In our lumber takeoff, we provide comprehensive details, including timber or lumber quantities, labor costs, labor hours, and transportation expenses. These details have proven instrumental in helping our clients secure winning bids and achieve favorable profit margins. Additionally, our estimates assist General contractors and builders in negotiating with their suppliers effectively.

Furthermore, our lumber takeoffs feature an accurate lumber cut list, simplifying the work for woodworkers by converting lineal feet to board feet. This ensures maximum utilization of timber with minimal waste.

Our Lumber Takeoff Deliverables Include:

1. Lumber takeoff EXCEL sheets
2. Labor and material cost breakdown
3. Man-hours estimation
4. Marked-up drawing plans
5. Lumber cut list
6. Bid summary, encompassing total material, labor, and equipment costs, profit percentage, overhead expenses, insurance, logistics, permits, taxes, and various other associated costs.
7. Thorough review of inclusions and exclusions.

portfoilo of wood & plastics compsites Estimating Services

Lumber Takeoff

Framing Takeoffs

Structural insulated panels

Fiberglass gratings

Bid Estimates


rough carpentry estimating

millwork estimaton

Structural timber

Wood trusses

Finish carpentry estimating

plastic fabrications estimating

Wood paneling


quantity material takeoff

Trim & siding

Structural timber

Paneling Estimating

Exterior trim

view our takeoff sample estimates

Explore our sample estimates to see how we prepare the detailed and precise quantity takeoffs and cost estimates.


If you’re in search of dependable millwork estimating and carpentry estimating services for your construction project, you’ve come to the right place. 

Veracity Estimating boasts a team of expert millwork estimator ready to provide a wide array of millwork takeoff services. Our millwork takeoff cover everything from carpentry estimating to cabinetry estimating, cabinets estimating and countertops estimating.

Veracity Estimating is a professional millwork estimating company that caters to a diverse clientele. Our clients include general contractors, subcontractors, homebuilders, architects, developers, remodeling contractors, vendors and designers.

Our carpentry estimating services encompass various materials beyond wood, such as synthetics, plastics, and wood-adhesive composites.

Why choose Veracity Estimating for Lumber Takeoffs

Accurate Wood and plastics estimates

We know how important it is to have precise lumber estimates for construction jobs.  Our lumber estimators uses the latest lumber takeoff software and follows the best methods in the industry to make sure our predictions are dependable and cover all the necessary aspects. 

Expertise in Lumber Takeoff

Our lumber estimator has many years of experience. We've handled projects of all types, whether big or small, simple or intricate. We make it a point to keep ourselves informed about the most recent developments and top methods in the construction business to guarantee that our cost estimates are dependable and cover all the necessary details.

Cost Savings

We've created our lumber estimation services to assist lumber contractors in saving both time and money on your construction projects.  We provide adaptable pricing choices to make sure our lumber estimating services are economical and customized to meet your unique requirements.

Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of time in lumber takeoff projects. That's why we promise to provide our cost estimates promptly and within the planned budget.  Our team is always ready to assist and answer any questions or worries you might have while we work on lumber estimate.


Our wood and plastic composites estimating and takeoff services cover a wide range of tasks, including rough carpentry, decking, sheathing, paneling, plastic fabrications, and wood veneers. Millwork contractors turn to World Estimating for detailed material and labor takeoffs for all aspects of their project.

We understand the importance of providing thorough lumber takeoff to busy millwork contractors and home builders. Our estimates are incredibly detailed and align with the specific requirements of each client. We tailor our takeoffs and cost estimates to meet your needs precisely.

Explore Our Sample Wood & Plastic Composites Estimate:
Our expertise lies in estimating millwork, woodwork, and plastic composites, which are specialties of many contractors.

We offer our lumber takeoff and estimating services across the United States, Canada and Australia. Additionally, we are available to assist clients in other countries upon request. No matter where you are located, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for comprehensive takeoffs and estimates related to lumber and wood plastic composites. Click here for detailed takeoffs and estimates relevant to your project.

We’re committed to excellence in our construction estimating services. To ensure the utmost accuracy and efficiency, we utilize the industry’s leading lumber takeoff estimating solutions.

Veracity Estimating is a team of highly professional finishes estimators. Our estimating services are tailored to meet contractors specific requirements.



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Since each client is distinct, we review each situation on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors such as project scope, complexity, trades involved and other relevant considerations.

Receive your Estimate

Our estimators will perform a project assessment and prepare detailed HAVC quantity takeoff and cost estimate.

Once bid is ready, you will receive takeoff sheet in PDF and Excel formats in email.

We understand that making informed decisions is crucial for our clients, that's why we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.


  • A lumber takeoff is a detailed measurement of the lumber and wood materials required for your construction project. It helps you accurately estimate the quantity and cost of materials needed, ensuring you stay within budget and avoid shortages during construction.

Our lumber takeoff service involves a thorough analysis of your construction plans or blueprints. We meticulously measure and quantify the lumber and wood products needed for your project, taking into account factors such as dimensions, specifications, and material types.

To provide an accurate estimate, we’ll need detailed information about your project, including architectural drawings, plans, specifications, and any other relevant documents. The more information you can provide, the more precise our estimate will be.

Our team of experienced estimators reviews project drawings and utilize industry-leading estimating software tools to ensure precise estimates. We also stay updated on market trends, material costs, and labor rates to provide the most accurate estimates possible.

Requesting an concrete takeoff estimate is easy. Simply contact us through our website contact form or via email, or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your project requirements and provide you with a detailed estimate.

The turnaround time it takes to receive your estimate depends on the complexity of the project and our current workload. We always try to provide estimates in a timely manner, usually in 2 to 4 business days.