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Our expert flooring cost estimator provide affordable flooring estimates. We cater to flooring contractors, flooring installation companies and carpet mills.

Our experienced flooring cost estimator excels at handling complex patterns and inlays, enabling us to deliver detailed flooring estimates, including access flooring, stair details, stair nosing and more.

We have successfully served a diverse range of projects, from multi-use residential buildings, commercial structures, apartments, hotels, and restaurants, to schools, hospitals, arenas, banks, libraries, and stores.

Our expert flooring estimator is proficient in industry-standard software tools such as Planswift, Oncenter, Bluebeam and more.

Our flooring estimate deliverables include:

– Digital flooring takeoff file
– Material spreadsheet
– Color-coded plans
– Seaming diagrams
– Thorough review of bid documents and addendums

Flooring Estimating Services

Flooring Divisions We Cover

We provide affordable flooring estimates and takeoff services spanning across four different construction CSI divisions.

Our certified flooring cost estimators recognized and accredited by American Association of Cost Engineers and Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. The four prominent flooring divisions that Constructem specializes in encompass:

  • Division 03 – Concrete
  • Division 09 – Flooring Finishes
  • Division 10 – Specialties
  • Division 12 – Furnishings

"Precision Flooring Estimations, Building Success"

Contractors commonly aim to submit the most competitive bids in order to secure projects. However, this necessitates a precise estimation of flooring costs and project-specific work hours. 

To address this challenge effectively, one can consider outsourcing flooring takeoff services to a reputable estimating company such as Veracity Estimating. This strategic move offers several advantages for contractors:

  • Enhanced Bid Volume:

By leveraging professional services, contractors can improve their bidding capacity and increase their chances of winning various projects.

  • Cost Savings:

Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire a full-time flooring cost estimator, reducing additional labor expenses.

  • Elimination of Software and Training Costs:

Contractors can avoid the cost of purchasing expensive construction estimation software and the expense of training in-house staff for estimation purposes.

  • Maximized Opportunities:

By availing expert estimators’ support, contractors can ensure they do not miss out on any potential opportunities.

  • Improved Estimation Efficiency:

With the assistance of experienced estimators, contractors can enhance their estimation efficiency, ultimately boosting their profit potential.

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Veracity Estimating: Construction Estimation & Takeoff Services - 24-48 hrs TAT

Send an email to info@veracityestimating.com 

Please remember to include your project’s scope of work and any relevant project details.

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We will provide you with a comprehensive service quotation. Since each client is distinct, we meticulously assess each situation on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors such as project scope, complexity, trades involved, zio code based labor and material costs and other relevant considerations.

Veracity Estimating: Construction Estimation & Takeoff Services - 24-48 hrs TAT

Our team will perform a project assessment and provide you with an estimated cost. 

Once ready, you will receive your flooring estimate in both PDF/Excel formats.

Flooring estimating software Partners

We’re committed to excellence in our construction cost and material takeoff estimation services. To ensure the utmost accuracy and efficiency, we utilize the industry’s leading flooring estimating software solutions.



We know how important it is to have precise cost estimation for construction jobs. Our team uses the latest estimation softwares and follows the best methods in the industry to make sure our predictions are dependable and cover all the necessary aspects. We pay close attention to factors like the cost of materials, labor wages, and the schedule for the project.


Our flooring estimators has many years of experience in this field. We’ve handled projects of all types, whether big or small, simple or intricate. We make it a point to keep ourselves informed about the most recent developments and top methods in the flooring contracting business to guarantee that our flooring estimates are dependable and cover all the necessary details.


We’ve created our flooring estimating services to assist you in saving both time and money on your construction projects. When you choose to outsource your estimation requirements to us, you can sidestep the expenses tied to hiring and training flooring cost estimator in-house. Additionally, we provide adaptable pricing choices to make sure our services are economical and customized to meet your unique requirements.


We understand the importance of time in flooring related projects. That’s why we promise to provide flooring takeoff services promptly and within the planned budget. Our team is always ready to assist and answer any questions or worries you might have while we work on the estimate.



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