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Understanding Labor Cost to Hang and Finish Drywall Ceiling

Understanding Labor Cost to Hang and Finish Drywall Ceiling

In the world of construction and home renovation, one of the most common tasks is hanging and finishing drywall, especially for ceilings.

Labor cost to hang and finish drywall ceiling is an important aspect to consider for both contractors and homeowners.


Labor Cost to Hang and Finish Drywall

The labor cost to hang and finish drywall ceiling depends on several factors, including size of project, complexity of work and location.

On average, professionals charge a certain amount per square foot. This rate includes costs of hanging drywall and applying the finish, also known as taping and mudding.

Professionals typically charge between $1.00 and $3.00 per square foot for hanging drywall and up to $3.50 or more for finishing work.

Drywall installation professionals typically bill between $40 and $100 per hour for their services in hanging and completing drywall and ceilings. The cost of labor constitutes a significant portion, ranging from 65% to 75% of the overall installation expenses.

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Drywall Installation Cost

The cost to hang drywall and cost to install drywall can vary. Installation involves measuring, cutting and securing drywall panels to ceiling joists. This can be more challenging than wall installations due to gravity factor and need for additional support.

For example, if you have a typical 12 x 12 foot room with a 9 foot ceiling, cost for labor of hanging and finishing drywall can be anywhere from $432 to $1,260 on average.


Sheetrock Cost

Drywall is also commonly known as sheetrock, a brand name that has become synonymous with drywall panels. Sheetrock cost includes price of panels themselves, which varies based on size and type. However, it is important to note that this cost is separate from labor cost.

Sheetrock, a popular brand of drywall, is priced based on size and type. A standard 4×8 foot panel typically costs between $10 and $20, depending on thickness and specific features like mold resistance. 

Cost of sheetrock for a ceiling is generally between $10 and $20 per 4×8 foot panel. For a standard ceiling, material cost is approximately $50 to $120.

For 2,500 sq. ft. of wall space, your average total drywall cost is $4,500 – $8300.


How to Hang Drywall on Ceiling

Hanging drywall on the ceiling requires specific techniques. Professionals often use a drywall lift or scaffolding to hold the panels in place while they are being secured. This process is important for ensuring a smooth even surface.


Hanging Drywall: A Professional Task

While some homeowners might consider hanging drywall a DIY project, it’s generally recommended to hire professionals, especially for ceilings. Hanging drywall properly takes skill and experience because if it’s not done right, it can cause problems with how it looks and how long it lasts.

Material cost of hang drywall starts at $1.80 – $2.52 per square foot.

In total, for a standard room, one might expect to spend between $670 and $1,800 on labor and materials for a drywall ceiling, depending on complexity and quality of the finish desired.


How to Do Drywall: The Finishing Touch

After the drywall is hung, the next step is finishing it. This means taping over seams and putting on a special compound, often called mud.

This stage is importance in achieving a surface primed for painting. It necessitates a steady hand and a sharp attention to detail to ensure a seamless finish.

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