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Leading Construction Estimating Softwares: Streamline Your Project Planning

construction estimation softwares

As construction industry continues to digitally transformation, role of accurate and efficient estimating software has become important. Estimating software helps contractors, home builders and developers forecast costs and resources needed for a construction project with greater accuracy.

With latest advancements and user feedback in USA, let’s explore some of the top construction estimating software available in the market.


1. Plan Swift

PlanSwift is a standout in field of construction estimating software, renowned for its user friendly interface and powerful features. It allows users to quickly and accurately takeoff quantity from digital blueprints which is an important part of estimating process. Users can simply drag and drop parts or assemblies onto takeoff, making this process more efficient.

What makes PlanSwift one of the best options in 2023-24 is its adaptability to various construction trades, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Planswift software provides seamless integration with Excel, facilitating export of estimates for further analysis.

PlanSwift is not only a tool for large companies but also an affordable solution for small to medium sized businesses, offering a scalable solution that grows with your company.


2. RSMeans Data Online

RSMeans Data Online by Gordian stands as a trusted name for those in the construction industry seeking reliable and up-to-date cost data. It is more than just software; it is a comprehensive online database that includes labor, material, and machine costs for thousands of construction components based on zip codes.


3. ProEst

ProEst is known for its cloud-based technology, allowing users to access the platform from anywhere, anytime. It stands out due to its user friendly interface and integrative capabilities, aligning estimating and bidding processes seamlessly. With its updated database, ProEst offers up-to-date zip code based material and labor costs, essential for accurate estimates.


4. Builder TREND

While BuilderTREND is recognized for its project management tools, its estimating features are also top-notch. It offers preloaded templates to simplify estimating process and its customer service is noted for being highly responsive and helpful. BuilderTREND also integrates with other software, making it a versatile choice for construction professionals.


5. Stack

Stack is favored for its straightforward approach to construction estimating. It is cloud based platform provides real time collaboration which allows construction project teams to work together effectively. Stack software is also appreciated for its fast takeoff capabilities which helps in speeding up estimating process.



6. Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates is tailored specifically for remodeling projects, providing customized templates and options for various remodeling scenarios. It offers a simple user interface and an database of materials and labor costs that are regularly updated, making it a reliable option for remodelers.



7. HCSS HeavyBid

HeavyBid is designed for heavy civil construction businesses. It is powerful in handling large scale projects and complex construction bids. This software excels in breaking down tasks and resources into detailed components, ensuring thorough estimates for substantial construction endeavors.



8. Cost Certified

CostCertified introduces an interactive approach where clients can adjust quantities and options in real-time, giving them a transparent and interactive estimating experience. The platform caters to both residential and commercial contractors, focusing on creating a dynamic estimating process.



Benefits of These Software Solutions:

Each of these estimating software solutions brings unique strengths to the table, such as cloud-based accessibility, real-time collaboration, extensive databases, or specific focus areas like remodeling or heavy civil construction. They enable users to create more accurate and detailed estimates, leading to better project planning, budget management, and client satisfaction.

Each of these estimating software solutions brings unique strengths to table, such as cloud based accessibility, real time collaboration, extensive databases or specific focus areas like remodeling or heavy civil construction.



Considering an Estimating Services Company:

While having robust estimating software is an asset, sometimes the expertise and precision of a construction estimating company can further enhance your project’s success.

Hiring a specialized construction estimating company brings in experienced professionals who are adept at leveraging these sophisticated tools to their full potential.

Whether for a one-time project or ongoing assistance, an estimating services company can be a strategic partner in your construction endeavors.

– Expert knowledge: Professional estimators bring years of experience and industry knowledge, ensuring high-quality estimates.

– Focus on core business: Outsourcing the estimating process allows the construction company to focus on execution and other core areas of the business.

– Cost savings: Hiring an construction cost estimating services can be more cost-effective than employing a full-time in-house estimator, especially for smaller companies or for those with fluctuating project volumes.

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