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Xactimate Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide

xactimate pricing

In the realm of construction and contracting, accurate construction estimating is the backbone of a successful project. Xactimate software is very helpful solution for cost estimators, helps them in creating precise and reliable cost assessments.

But how does Xactimate pricing work and what impact does it have on contractors? Lets discuss it.


What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is an estimating software designed specifically for contractors and estimators to generate detailed estimates for construction projects. It simplifies cost estimation process and provides a platform where users can input project details and receive detailed cost breakdowns.


Xactimate Pricing Structure

Understanding Xactimate pricing is crucial for contractors integrating this software into their workflow. The pricing model typically involves an initial licensing fee for the software and ongoing subscription costs for updates and support. The cost can vary based on the version of the software and the number of users/licenses required by a contracting firm.

Xactimate is presented in two variations to cater to diverse user preferences:

Xactimate Professional offers comprehensive access across all three platforms – desktop, mobile, and online – encompassing all the features available on these platforms.

On the other hand, Xactimate Standard provides access on a singular platform, allowing users to select their preferred platform for utilization.

As for the pricing structure, , inclusive of all three platforms, Xactimate Professional comes with varying subscription options:

– 1 Month: $285
– 3 Months: $840
– 6 Months: $1,650
– 12 Months: $2,575 (The annual subscription also incorporates one year of Xactware Classroom, valued at $440)

In contrast, Xactimate Standard, offering access on one chosen platform, is available through the following subscription plans:

– 3 Months: $725
– 6 Months: $1,225
– 12 Months: $1,825 (This annual subscription similarly includes one year of Xactware Classroom, valued at $440)



Impact on Contractors

A recent survey conducted within the U.S. construction industry highlighted importance of Xactimate for contractors. This survey report revealed that over 40% of contractors rely on Xactimate estimating software for their project assessments. Its user friendly interface, accuracy and detailed nature of estimates are main reasons for its popularity.


Xactimate Construction Estimator: A Key Role

The Xactimate construction cost estimator plays an important role in a contractor’s team. These construction estimators are skilled in utilizing the software to input project data, labor costs, material expenses and other important factors to produce precise and detailed estimates.


Factors Influencing Xactimate Pricing

Several factors influence the overall cost of using Xactimate software. These include the complexity and size of the projects being estimated, the number of users requiring access to the software, and the level of support and training needed for effective utilization.


Adapting Xactimate for Contractors

Contractors can optimize their use of Xactimate by ensuring regular updates and staying informed about new features and functionalities.



Xactimate pricing software holds substantial importance for contractors, influencing their ability to provide accurate project estimates. With its multiple features, user friendly interface and ease of use, Xactimate continues to be a cornerstone for estimating software in the construction industry.

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